Deluded Self?

© John Angerson

Image - Charlotte Hotel, London.

Words - David Byrne Journal.

What if there is no self? No such thing as being the unique personalities we think we are? What if, and this is very convoluted, there are even parts of our brains that have evolved to convince us that each of us is unique — as a cover up or mask for the awful truth? The truth that parts of our brains deceive other parts of our brains. And that this trickery evolved because it’s useful.

It’s not as farfetched as it sounds. If you accept the idea that the propensity for religion might have evolved in our brains and you also accept that it is possible that the self-deception of religion and believing in unlikelihoods might give some kind of evolutionary advantage, then you can transfer this over to our concept of our personalities and ourselves. (This assumes that you view literal interpretations of religious orthodoxy as a form of self-delusion and fantasy.)

So, given that I believe that the brain might have evolved propensities to create believable faith-based fantasies, I am ready to apply it to my view of myself. It’s only fair. If I’m going to claim that religion is a deception, then maybe I myself am a deception as well.

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